nVision Global Technology Solutions: Meeting Tomorrow's Needs Today

CIO VendorLuther Brown, Founder & CEO If there’s anything Luther Brown—a quintessential leader with 25+ years of experience in the transportation and logistics arena—has carried with him throughout his entrepreneurial journey, it’s a belief. “I believe that anything worth doing; is worth doing right the first time. In my opinion, the best solution for today is not a quick fix but a well thought out solution that will also be the best solution for years to come, think outside the box for a better solution,” says Brown. Setting this belief as the founding principle of his company, nVision Global Technology Solutions, Brown has conceived innovative solutions to redefine efficiency in the realm of freight audit and payment.

Since its inception, the company has been paving the way for a successful tomorrow for organizations struggling with challenges ranging from lack of visibility, disparate databases, and proper data quality in the logistics space. “A vast majority of nVision Global’s customers are companies that were already with a freight audit and payment provider but required the global reach or technology to address their day to day challenges. Organizations approach nVision Global because they need a provider that has a truly global footprint, with actual offices and staff around the world,” says Brown.

Powered by a vision to build global technology-based solutions and services beyond today’s expectations of customers, nVision operates with a single proprietary application and database throughout its seven full-service processing centers. In essence, the company is committed to enhancing visibility into data—visibility to shipments in a real-time environment, current shipment status, real-time alert warning on potential delivery failures, and more. From the financial perspective, the company’s robust iFocus Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics tool provides a high-level and deep dive into the spend analytics for equipment used, service types, methods shipped, geographical regions, resulting in huge cost avoidance and cost savings. “Our new iFocus 2 platform is drastically more robust than older versions of business intelligence tools in the marketplace today. Our production environment testing continues to validate that users are retrieving as many as 40 million records in as little as 4-5 seconds,” adds Brown.

According to Brown, many continue to refer to “freight bill audit & payment” as an extension of the accounts payable process; however, it has grown well beyond the accounting department. It has evolved to include aspects like business intelligence management, real-time visibility, access to spend analytics, and actionable data. Evidently, global supply chain order visibility and status is vital for continued success. Backed by unparalleled technology and a truly global network and focus, nVision Global brings creative thinking and determination to meet challenges and opportunities head-on. With a tag line “Today’s Differentiating Features are Tomorrow’s Minimum Expectations,” the company is redefining excellence in providing a vast array of technology, cleansed and harmonized data, as well as state-of-the-art analytical tools to help logistics and accounting departments streamline and optimize their global supply chains, resulting in year over year verifiable bottom line savings.

An All-Inclusive, Global Solution

“We have invested in developing a BI and analytics platform using the latest generation of technology that doesn't sacrifice SPEED at the sake of sleeker visualization,” explains Brown as he touches upon the advantages that the iFocus 2 Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics tool brings to the table. The tool comprises a simple point, click, and universal search feature inside a user-configurable workbook set with limitless pivot and drill-down capabilities. iFocus 2 can replace the content of hundreds of spreadsheets with a dynamic user experience that provides constantly up-to-date actionable information. The data in any screen, search, or query is easily exportable and shareable with colleagues directly from the tool itself. The tool is designed with advanced spend analytics, predictive analytics, and comprehensive KPIs for all aspects of the transportation spend including but not limited to equipment utilization, lanes, regions, supplier diversity utilization, payment, and cash management. This all-in-one analytics platform is designed to support daily decision-making across the many business units and decision makers within the global supply chain team.

We have invested in developing a BI and analytics platform using the latest generation of technology that doesn't sacrifice SPEED at the sake of sleeker visualization

nVision Global’s centralized Global Contract Repository provides a workflow-based approach to the entry and maintenance of all modes of Transportation Provider Contract arrangements as well as historical supplier agreements for comparative analysis. This critical engine connects supply chain stakeholders with the ability to perform on-demand rate-shopping queries to determine the least-cost transportation provider for a given lane or individual shipment activity.

Coupled with the power of com¬prehensive modeling and optimization solutions, supply chain and logistics managers can perform complex “what-if ” scenario modeling, benchmark analysis, and detailed comparative analysis of sup¬plier contracts. nVision Global’s iProcure¬ment platform closes the loop on contract management activities by allowing clients to create customized procurement events across all modes of transportation. With in¬tegrated project management, clients have full visibility into the status of the project at all times. In a nutshell, contract manage¬ment with nVision Global’s technology solutions provides control, visibility, ac¬countability, and the power to dramatically reduce transportation spend.

At the core, nVision’s multiple technology solutions for spend analytics based on normalized data drive data exports, standard or customized reports, ad hoc reports, which allow users to extract large data sets quickly and completely, define and meet their ongoing reporting needs. The company's cloud-based TMS Solution, iMpact TMS, offers the least cost rating tool, sales orders, and purchase orders module (validates compliance & routing selection) and iProcurement.

From the flexibility standpoint, nVision Global interfaces with all major ERP and AP systems including JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP, as well as proprietary client system formats.

Hassle Free, Accurate Audit Process

With a continually evolving industry like the Freight Audit & Payment, nVision Global is also evaluating, developing, and implementing processes and procedures all in an effort to optimize and streamline the audit process. To that end, nVision Global generates images of EDI transactions by populating a standardized template with the data from the transaction sets. The company has developed a process to bring the EDI transmission and the actual image of the transportation providers’ invoice together. The process attaches the actual provider’s invoice with the EDI transmission so the customer can see the original invoice as well as all supporting documents. “We have a tool called iCam that takes this process even further by allowing our customer and their transportation provider to upload all types of documents MS Word, MS Excel, TIFF, PDF, etc. and attach it to the invoice that is being processed, thus saving their valuable time.” Besides, the company also offers an innovation orders management module and a collaboration tool to deliver a hassle-free, accurate audit process.

A Configurable Approach

At the core of nVision Global’s ascension to success lies the much-illustrious word—configuration. Brown believes that a true partnership is built around working with customers, not offering solutions full of constraints or limitations which force the customer to adapt to the provider’s requirements. Evidently, the company’s solutions are configurable for each specific customer’s challenges. “Our team of experienced IT professionals recognizes that there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution and that very often a client’s business needs require a configurable approach. From professional project management, custom development, testing, and integration, nVision Global works with the client in every step of the way to create a solution tailored to the client’s needs,” mentions Brown.

Besides extensive customization, the company also differentiates from its peers by providing ‘full service’ in the truest sense of the word. “As a business owner or manager, understanding what services your customers require is critical. However, taking that level of service further and providing greater care for your customers will help build customer loyalty, strengthen your brand, and increase repeat business,” Brown illustrates.

Paving Way for Smarter Logistics

Setting quality as one of the main aspects of their offerings, nVision Global takes pride in their quality improvement program that leverages a Six Sigma Methodology to ensure best-in-class quality. nVision Global has two Certified Six Sigma Black Belts onboard that adds advantage to its quality improvement program. Additionally, the company makes every effort to provide the most efficient, cost-effective and Sarbanes- Oxley Act (SOX) compliant services. On an annual basis, nVision Global successfully completes an SSEA 18 Type II certification, to thoroughly review the processes and procedures. This certification process validates every step of its process.

In the long run, nVision Global is expecting a continued consolidation within the freight audit and payment industry. Moving ahead with full steam, the company continues streamlining and optimizing supply chains for multinational corporations looking for a single global provider capable of delivery technology and services such as real time visibility and freight audit and remit payment solution.

- Vishnu Santhosh
    October 12, 2018