FreightWise: Driving Cost Efficiencies With Enhanced Visibility

While logistics companies have all hands on deck to provide the most competitive rates for their customers, paying freight invoices still constitutes a depleting and complex set of manual processes. Moreover, plenty of costs is associated with the quote-on-quote “less popular” aspects of freight transportation, including the selection of carriers, TMS systems, and tools. This has given rise to the need for streamlined and automated freight payment processes that can reduce and simplify the overall costs surrounding freight transportation. Combining leading-edge technology with over a century-old, deep industry expertise, FreightWise offers an omnichannel solution to optimize freight operations for their clients and maximize their ROI.

“It is no longer just about getting heavy freight discounts but reducing the amount of time and money spent on the entire process of buying freight,” asserts Chris Cochran, President, FreightWise. Through a sophisticated, cloud-based platform that manages the collation of reports and decision in one simple interface, customers can see exactly how, when, and where their money was spent and take care of all their freight payments in a single check. In essence, FreightWise allows customers to cut down the amount of time and resources utilized by the accounting department for keying and GL coding all invoices, and process them in a single easy-to-pay bundle, with every single piece of data about their freight visible in a standardized format.

Having a certified integration with Magento E-commerce and supporting integrations with different ERP, CRM, or WM systems, the platform’s omnichannel experience centralizes the freight pricing metrics and ensures consistency in freight prices across different sales channels, hence improves customer retention. “By eliminating the need for different shipping systems for each mode or carrier at different locations, we provide full visibility throughout every stage of the freight invoice processing for significantly higher savings,” explains Cochran.

He adds that freight audit providers are “like a black hole in the industry.” In other words, the customer has no visibility into something until a batch is sent over to them from their weekly payment.

We provide full visibility throughout every stage of the freight invoice processing for significantly higher savings

Moreover, by the time it arrives, information might be missing, and it has to be rushed into payment. Through a complete online self-service, FreightWise allows customers to log in quickly, review, approve and pay for all current and upcoming batches in real time so by the time the process finishes, it is a non-event.

The company’s value proposition is best explained through an instance wherein a distributor in the mid-west had different freight processing through various channels of their organization and had no standardization of freight pricing metrics. After a complete audit and pay for all modes including international cargo forwarding, rail, parcel, LTL, and truckload, FreightWise saved the client over 20 percent on their total annual spend. Besides standardizing the processes, the FreightWise team also enabled sophisticated integrations into Microsoft Dynamics and Magento E-Commerce for driving efficiencies in shipment execution. In a nutshell, the company serves as a one-stop-shop for optimizing the entire process of digesting freight within a corporation— everything from the payment, tools, and selection to the customer service.

Looking ahead, Cochran emphasizes their focus to continue marching on the path of innovation to maintain such efficiency in the face of any new challenges to come. Moreover, they plan to expand their integrations into even more standardized software suites for SMBs, such as Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics. “Every day, we make developments on the product side of things to make it as robust and transparent as possible. Ultimately, our goal is to be the most open, visible platform in all of the freight,” concludes Cochran.