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Top 10 Freight Audit and Payment Solution Companies - 2020

Today, transport and logistics businesses look for digital solutions and services to simplify the freight billing process. Factors such as frequent changes in fuel prices and accessory rates with the additional burden of fleet handling, manual auditing often becomes overwhelming and complicates the billing process. Besides, the incredible amount of detail included in each invoice make it difficult for logistics firms to execute the billing and payment process efficiently. With automation taking the world by storm, businesses look to automate their freight audit and billing process to improve time efficiency and accuracy while optimizing the supply chain.

Freight audit and payment solutions providers are scoping for disruptive technologies such as Big Data and AI to develop new solutions to automate the billing process. With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), transport and logistics businesses are automating their processes as the robot mechanism matches data between invoices and documents to eliminate faulty auditing and incorrect invoices. Further, some companies leverage online data mining and analytical services, enabling shippers to optimize their transport management systems.

While solution providers are automating billing processes, services providers are leaving no stone unturned to meet the ever-changing demands of the freight audit companies. They provide best in class advisory and contract negotiation services to optimize processes, driving efficiency, reducing overall costs and raise customer satisfaction. However, to implement the right solution, it is imperative to evaluate a service provider before committing to them.

With the logistics sector standing at the cusp of technology transformation, companies enter the market with their freight audit and payment solutions and services portfolio. To help companies choose solution and service partners best suited for them, Logistics Tech Outlook has compiled a list of top 10 freight audit and payment solution and services companies. These companies are transforming the logistics landscape with various disruptive technologies and best in class services.

We bring you Logistics Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Freight Audit and Payment Solution Providers and Consulting/Service Companies - 2020.”

    Top Freight Audit and Payment Solution Companies

  • GTMS offers customized solutions to streamline costs, increase efficiency, and enhance visibility throughout the entire logistics process. The company’s business intelligence engine enables transportation companies to deliver on-time service, accurate invoices, and optimal allocation. The solutions offered are carefully designed based upon a controllable cost avoidance strategy, which benefits all the stakeholders, including e-retailers, manufacturers, consumers, and carriers. The company’s GL coding system comprehensively audits carrier invoices, helps in recovering savings from billing inaccuracies, and automatically creates invoices for payment


  • Intelligent Audit is a data analytics, business intelligence, and freight audit business, with a wide range of services available to clients looking to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and discover new strategic opportunities to apply across their organizations. Intelligent Audit has helped companies across all industries uncover opportunities for cost reduction and supply chain improvements through automated freight audit and recovery, business intelligence and analytics, contract optimization, and more


  • The company delivers cutting-edge integrated supply chain technology to its clients and provides a detailed holistic view of the entire supply chain network. Orca Intelligence is truly focused on saving clients’ time in the data cleanse/ gathering process and at the same time, equipping businesses with AI powered interactive analytics to empower them with supply chain insights that will lead to lower transportation costs. The Orca system uses AI and machine learning to automate the invoice audit process as well as the collection and centralization of all supply chain related data, which enables a fully customized supply chain database for unlimited client reporting purposes


  • AudiTec


    AudiTec Solutions is known for its determination and focus. The Phoenix-based company is a multifaceted accounts payable auditing firm helping both large and small companies identify and recoup lost profits caused by under-deductions, overpayments, duplicate payments, or vendor pricing errors. With several years of experience, Its auditing team has worked with many Fortune 500 companies, including health care providers, retailers, banks, grocers, and wholesalers. The company offers an integrated set of auditing services that work collectively and individually to ensure the maximum benefit with the least amount of interruption for its clients

  • Evans Transportation

    Evans Transportation

    Evans is a third-party, full-service provider of custom logistics solutions for a versatile range of shippers. The company delivers high-value strategic services, grow and evolve custom technologies. In order to help shippers, Evans created an advanced transportation management system (TMS). Its TMS offers various features and abilities, including web-based or fully integrated, customizable interface, customizable reporting, single-source tracking for control tower visibility, and more

  • FreightWise


    FreightWise’s aim is to fill a gap in the supply chain logistics space by offering a SaaS platform that solves challenges in clients’ optimization, visibility, manual processes as well as cost. By utilizing technology, agile development, innovation, and industry expertise, the company tightly integrates with its clients’ existing infrastructure to decrease time, money, and resources spent on shipping. The company helps companies in all states, verticals, and of all sizes with their supply chain logistics requirements

  • Green Mountain Technology

    Green Mountain Technology

    Green Mountain Technology's Parcel Spend Management solution combines a best-in-class parcel audit system with intelligent parcel spend analysis software to find out network opportunities as well as assist with contract management. So one can confidently make the data-driven decisions required in today's supply chain. The company specializes in Parcel Spend Management, parcel auditing, contract management, and network optimization & spend analytics. It is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. Its robust BI reporting can capture as well as store millions of records for decades

  • nVision Global

    nVision Global

    nVision Global Technology Solutions is a logistics company that provides software services and solutions. nVision Global has developed from a regional Freight Payment company to one of the fastest-growing global freight audit, payment, and logistics management software as well as service providers in the industry. nVision is known for its quality services, superior technology, and comprehensive business intelligence applications. The company is headquartered in Greater Atlanta Area, East Coast, Southern US

  • Ship Audit Pros

    Ship Audit Pros

    Ship Audit Pros emphasizes new cost-savings opportunities for your business by benchmarking data as well as assessing current shipping spend. Its automated tools work together to provide refunds back to FedEx, DHL, and UPS shipping accounts without any additional help. Ship Audit Pros provides four services in one powerful package. The core services make it a lot easier to maintain supply chain efforts and are tailored to support even the world’s largest companies

  • Trax Group

    Trax Group

    Trax provides Transportation Spend Management solutions. Combining advanced cloud-based applications with expert services, the company is transforming traditional freight and parcel audit to help customers better manage as well as control their global transportation costs and improve enterprise-wide efficiency. With a global footprint spanning North America, Asia and Europe, Latin America, the company offers data-based visibility, insights, higher savings, and better control of transportation spend for shippers of all sizes