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Top 10 Freight Audit And Payment Consulting/ Service Companies - 2021

Gone are the days when robust, sophisticated freight audit and payment technology was but a choice for the logistics industry. With complexities revolving around all modes of freight transportation and supply chain operations today, the effectiveness of freight audit and payment solutions and services directly affects the bottom lines for any global shipper.

Advancements in digital technologies are replacing manual freight invoicing systems and outdated IT systems. Robotic process automation (RPA) is unimaginably transforming freight invoice auditing by automating the process of matching data between invoices and documentation. At the same time, data analytics is emerging as a prominent trend, promising unparalleled efficiency to logistics companies. Besides, most modern freight audit and payment companies are offering exceptional services for logistics firms to gain 100 percent control of their funds. These services include secure freight document scanning and accurate tracking of freight payments automatically.

As such, the technological progressions in the logistics arena are opening up a universe of new possibilities for freight audit and payment solution providers. This implies that shipping agencies looking for companies providing novel, state-of-the-art freight audit and payment solutions and services have to choose from a plethora of options.

To make this task easier and assist CIOs in identifying the right companies providing freight audit and payment solutions, Logistics Tech Outlook presents to you “Top 10 Freight Audit and Payment Consulting/Service Companies - 2021.” A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, Analysts, and the Logistics Tech Outlook editorial board has selected the top freight audit and payment solution providers. In our selection process, we looked at the company’s offerings, core competency, news/press releases, client testimonials, milestones, and other recognition.

    Top Freight Audit And Payment Consulting/ Service Companies

  • Ship Audit Pros Offers a platform that highlights new cost-savings opportunities by benchmarking and assessing a customer’s existing shipping spend data, which drives time and cost savings. The platform also automates repetitive claims and refund processes, thereby eliminating manual errors and enhancing performance. The company’s automation strategies and data benchmarking allows us to deliver shippers a clear picture of their shipping profile while reducing cost and saving time. The platform’s revolutionary carrier modeling and ability to benchmark spend data allow it to negotiate carrier agreements based on the current market-appropriate pricing


  • Ascent Global Logistics

     Ascent Global Logistics

    Deliver elite solutions designed to help you optimize your logistics performance, maintain competitive advantage and strengthen y core business

  • Acuitive Solutions

    Acuitive Solutions

    The company’s cloud-based solution replaces emails and spreadsheets with rules-based workflows that allow supply chain partners to collaborate and manage shipments in real time, and without the shipper’s direct involvement

  • Alexandretta Transportation Consulting

    Alexandretta Transportation  Consulting

    Provides global transportation spend management services to consistently drive significant cost savings from shippers’ transportation budgets

  • ControlPay


    ControlPay is the only Freight Audit provider that facilitates high maintenance customers with an advanced collaborative Freight Audit platform that allows both carriers and the shippers to align data, rates, issues and invoices orchestrated by dedicated audit teams

  • CT Logistics

    CT Logistics

    The service delivers management information, through WebTools, for effective cost containment and planning, as well as real-time client service. And when paired with the resources of FreitRater®, AuditPay® provide company with an average ROI of more than 10 times your service fees

  • EM6 Logistics

    EM6 Logistics

    Reduce costs and optimize transportation operations with experts in local to global shipping for all modes of transportation including heavy air, ocean, courier, small parcel, truck load, less than truck load, rail, and forwarder/brokers

  • enVista


    enVista provides outstanding audit results, leading visibility tools, and comprehensive transportation spend management solutions

  • Interlog Group

    Interlog Group

    Since 1999, Interlog’s global footprint has provided Freight Audit & Payment services to clients located in Europe, Asia, North and South America and support strategic decisions through providing the most comprehensive reporting features and data to allow control, analyze and capture savings

  • Trans International

    Trans International

    Since 1975, Trans International has been "Transforming Freight Audit"​ to provide proven audit services to various clients, many of whom have remained with the organization from the first day in business