Traffic Data Exchange: Streamlining Supply Chain

Timothy Kenny, President, Traffic Data ExchangeTimothy Kenny, President
Each year, parcel companies announce their annual 4.9 percent rate increase to their clients. FedEx and UPS cause an unexpected ROI precipice for companies in the logistics industry because no one can be sure their increase equates to the 4.9 percent figure. Under these circumstances, there is a growing need for the optimization of total freight cost management emerged, with a strong emphasis on real-time data for better resource management. With cutting edge software that leverages the latest industry trends, Traffic Data Exchange(TDE) is enabling their clients to increase their ROI through cost-efficient supply chain management, audit and payment services. “Managing data in real time allows companies to make smarter decisions and improve their bottom line. We make sure our clients are within the parameters of the announced rate increase,” says Timothy Kenny, President, TDE.

The company’s custom dashboard securely integrates data from multiple sources, providing access to real-time information. With around 100 fields of data compiled off the invoice content, TDE allocates each charge back to specific cost centers, budget centers, or purchase orders. Hence, they can manage each department’s freight expenses based on the criteria allocated to them. TDE focuses more on the data quality over quantity to ensure the client’s internal budgets are met over specific periods of time. In other words, clients can align cost with actual budget as opposed to what their actual spend is.

With a detailed account of the freight expenses, clients can compartmentalize specific budgets within their organization. This allows TDE to determine if their clients’ freight transportation spend is in line with the clients sales trend. Moreover, having access to all this data provides them with expeditious troubleshooting and reconciliation capabilities for any problems that may occur.

Our goal is to help clients seamlessly manage and bundle their overall freight spend globally

TDE’s prowess in providing swift response to customer’s issues is further supported by their customized reporting tool, ‘The Exchange’. The “real-time report writer”, as Kenny labels it, provides clients with the access to all the data from an external portal. One of The Exchange’s unique features includes templates that provide custom reports for expenditures. These reports can easily be imported into the client’s SAP/Oracle or other accounts payable systems.

The company also conducts full-scale audits of all of the incoming invoices. Through cooperation with U.S. Bank, they manage freight payment globally in five currencies, providing clients with unprecedented payment flexibility. Additionally, TDE streamlines client’s accounts payable department with all their freight and transportation expenses to one invoice for all carriers. Essentially, they can gather and manage all expenses in one accounting repository to align their allocated budget with actual freight spend and basically guarantee an ROI.

What makes TDE unique is their involvement with the youth talent pool in the neighboring Research Triangle Park (RTP), one of the largest research parks in the world. Working closely with computer programming students for years, Kenny created a flexible, open source application environment within his company.

In the decade under Kenny’s leadership, TDE has built long-standing partnerships with some of the world’s largest manufacturers, retailers, and distributors. To scale new heights in client engagement, they remain focused on driving all-around efficiency of total freight operations while expanding their geographical footprint on a global level. “Our goal is to help clients seamlessly manage and bundle their overall freight spend globally,” concludes Kenny.