IPS Worldwide: Data Analytics for Comprehensive Freight Management

Organizations often find themselves at the crossroads when it comes to dealing with freight bills. The overtly complex structure of the freight bills increases operational challenges. At times the billing issue between these organizations and carriers leads to a debate on data visibility. While freight bills still remain a concern, absence of a unified global database for companies adds more to the complexity. These predicaments coupled with the logistics industry’s thrust to move toward technology marked the genesis of IPS Worldwide. The firm arms logistics companies with data analytics, data visualizations, and data normalization capabilities with its wide portfolio of solutions. Along with that IPS Worlwide’s uniform global database platform ensures that all the data points are consolidated efficiently. William Davies, President and Founder along with his key management team are the pillars of senior leadership of the company. Together, their experience spreads across the length and breadth of technology horizon. They provide unmatched dexterity in data analytics, networking and connectivity, among others, which has been instrumental in building relationships and gaining trust of their clients.

The freight management landscape has long treaded along with others without capitulating to technological advancement. As a result, most organizations operating in this domain relied on legacy systems to carry out daily operational tasks. However, as the challenges of freight billing intensified, logistics companies looked toward data analytics to preclude the issues. To provide accurate data to the customer faster and in a standard format regardless of the complexity of the freight billing, IPS offers automated billing solutions that enable businesses to accurately comprehend, analyze, and audit the bills charged by the carriers.

The analytics strategy of IPS Worldwide deals with data capture, data normalization, and data analysis. Key data elements associated with the bill is verified in order to yield correct information. The ingrained audit system occupies the center stage of the entire solutions portfolio. This turnkey system assists organizations to evaluate taxes across the globe and helps organizations to operate seamlessly anywhere.

With twelve offices spread across seven countries, IPS worldwide is constantly augmenting their global footprint

Moreover, a customer service representative is assigned for each client to provide quick remedy to interim challenges that their client may stumble upon. In addition, a global project manager can also be added on top of it, depending on the complexity of the challenge. Besides, the escalation process is very well structured and ensures resolutions within eight hours of filing a complaint.

The unique feature-set of IPS Worldwide’s solutions has resulted in a huge client base. Companies struggled with different vendors across various regions, which made it cumbersome for them to communicate with the head office seamlessly. The information collected was fragmented and had different geo-coding from the financial side. IPS Worldwide’s solutions single handedly nullified this challenge, scaling to every industry–small, medium, and large–ensuring that same level of customization is available to all.

IPS Worldwide is equipped with the knowledge of turnkey technologies of the current era as well as the legacy systems. This makes the system extremely nimble and scales according to customer needs. With twelve offices spread across seven countries, IPS worldwide is constantly augmenting their global footprint. In an era that is earmarked by IT outsourcing, the company has in-house IT operations from development to support. In the forthcoming years, IPS endeavors to assist more organizations augment their freight management acumen.