Global Transportation Management Solutions: Simplifying Spend Management and Shipping Optimization

Gaylynn Shaw, CEO, Global Transportation Management SolutionsGaylynn Shaw, CEO
Transportation companies are burdened with a multitude of responsibilities apart from managing their shipments. They need to precisely handle every transaction and invoice summary, which remains a tedious task. And as many companies carry out this process manually, they tend to invest more time and resources in administering their transportation transactions. To manage this process in an efficient manner, all these organizations need are advanced solutions for spend management and shipping optimization that ensure not only cost savings but also operational efficiency. Utah-based Global Transportation Management Solutions (GTMS) takes all the aforementioned pain points of shippers into consideration and provides a business intelligence (BI) tool that helps them streamline costs and gain visibility into the entire logistics process.

GTMS’ BI tool allows the shippers and carriers to manage their transportation transactions in-house, in an efficient manner. “Our BI system helps clients achieve 100 percent on-time service, invoice accuracy, and allocation,” explains Shawn Shaw, President, GTMS. One of this tool’s key benefits for e-tailers, manufacturers, consumers, and carriers is its ability to identify 100 percent controllable cost avoidance. GTMS’ BI solution is specifically designed to help customers manage their logistics spend starting from creating the shipment to freight payments. The company works collaboratively with its clients to provide best practice spend management and shipping optimization solutions across all modes of transportation.

One of the biggest problems for transportation companies is to match their order files with shipment files. The challenge lies in consolidating those files into one report, and GTMS’ tool overcomes that issue seamlessly. “Our BI tool creates precise, actionable reporting that clients can use to measure cost savings. We create a vision report that allows the C-level executives to analyze information and access the actionable items,” mentions Shaw. This not only allows the CEOs to see the cost savings but also enables them to be proactive and actionable.

Our BI system helps clients achieve 100 percent on-time service, invoice accuracy, and allocation

GTMS also offers a state-of-the-art transportation management system (TMS) that further assures greater operational efficiency to clients. It serves as a front-end engine that provides best-in-class rating and routing for all modes of transportation. The data generated from this engine is fed into GTMS’ parcel and less than load (LTL) management system, which can be accessed using the BI tool.

GTMS’ TMS completely automates the freight audit and payment processes, eliminating the need for assistance from a freight payment company. It undertakes line item audits with every carrier dealing in all modes of transportation, eradicating the need to rely on multiple partners. “We have been able to capture and audit every mode of transportation automatically across the world, be it domestic or international shipment,” emphasizes Shaw. After an initial load of contract, the system takes the electronic data interchange (EDI) information directly from the carriers, automatically audits it, submits claims to the carrier, and then creates a ready-to-pay general quoted remittance into the customer’s accounts payable (AP) system. The reason for such efficiency is the web-based functionality of TMS, which does not involve any IT set up.

To illustrate the functionalities of the TMS, Shaw cites a case study wherein one of GTMS’ clients was facing difficulties in tracking its customers after they place an order. The client wanted to monitor its customers’ orders every 15 minutes after they were placed. To facilitate the same, GTMS built a system that sends updates related to the customers’ order status. The system allowed the client to track 5100 vendor locations that it ships from.

GTMS guides customers through the process of streamlining the logistics process and continuously aligns its efforts with their requirements to fulfil them in a timely manner. The company plans to evolve keeping its cultural values intact and bringing new technologies to the market.