EM6 Logistics: Setting a New Benchmark in Freight Bill Audits

Scott H. Gardner, President, EM6 LogisticsScott H. Gardner, President
The story of EM6 Logistics began in 2013, when Suresh Sainanee launched his new venture with a vision to take quality of freight audit services to the 21st century. Sainanee’s plan would achieve a dramatic reduction in error rates while improving speed of freight audits and payments. Drawing on his extensive expertise in legal and compliance matters, Sainanee founded EM6 Logistics with a mission to offer true freight audit and payment services that leverages state-of-the-art systems and tools to deliver a flexible, user-friendly, and cost-effective solution to manage freight payables for its clients and carriers globally. "In the wake of significant cases of embezzlements and frauds surfacing in the last 20 years, we have adopted a non-float-based business model that eliminates any prospect of fraud and unlawful practices,” elaborates Sainanee, CEO EM6 US, Europe and APAC on the unique business model of EM6 Logistics.

EM6 Logistics is one of the few companies that has processes built in all the major languages and currencies with payouts through the banking networks in all the regions in local currencies. With freight audits at the helm, the company also provides payment services and one-fourth of the payments in its overall Freight spend of two billion in freight audits go through their platform. One of the classifying factors of EM6 Logistics is its utmost focus on improving the client-carrier relationship that brings forth far greater discounts for their clients than they could possibly save through minimizing the overcharges. Understanding the need to make accounting easier and functional, the freight bill audit firm provides general ledger (GL) coding to its clients that offers an exceptional level of visibility and traceability of expenditure on each business unit and end products. Adding to its value proposition, EM6 Logistics also offers short payment services internationally with the help of virtual credit note process, and bulk approvals of freight through their online platform.

In order to minimize the errors and improve the speed, EM6 Logistics automates the process of freight audit. Automation allows the customers and their carriers to complete the repetitive and mundane processes in real-time, making the freight audit accurate and cost-effective.

Suresh C. Sainanee, CEO, US, Europe & APAC
On top of that, the company embraces a robust and flexible onboarding process that allows them to review their client's requirement and offer tailored services."We offer customized services such as benchmarking that are specific to the clients' data where we rerate freight or compare it with other industry counterparts within the legal limits." states, Scott H. Gardner, President of EM6 North America.

Highlighting the company’s dedication toward their clientele and their carriers is an instance where EM6 Logistics helped one of its clients, a multi-billion sales company to eliminate complex processes and improve communications with its carriers. EM6 partnered with a transportation optimization company to deliver a single point of contact to seamlessly manage finance, treasury, and other implementation issues with the carriers. Another defining success story of EM6 Logistics was scripted when a client wanted a close report for all their plants at 9am everyday. This meant that every plant and carrier of the client would know about the status of the freight at that time, allowing them to approve any pending requests online and act upon any other exceptions. “We have always delivered the report to the client without failing a single deadline,” extols Sainanee.

In the wake of significant cases of embezzlements and frauds in the last 20 years, we have adopted a non-float-based business model that eliminates any prospect of fraud and unlawful practices

In the last four years, the company has doubled its sales every year and a repeat performance is on the cards this year as well. With a passionate team that keeps churning out state of the art services from their innovation lab, EM6 Logistics is all set to grow through acquisitions to accomplish its goal of stamping their authority in the global market. The recent acquisition of IPS Worldwide only strengthens their commitment to exceptional service with seamless continuity for all clients and carriers.